zondag 07 juli 2019

If you work in the art sector for a while, like I do, you regularly receive an offer or invitations of which  sometimes it is not clear what the intent is. This was also the case when I received an e-mail from artist and friend Reinhard Schmid. If I was interested in painting in an art colony in Serbia? I didn't really understand what it meant and decided, partly due to things that needed my attention at home, to leave it for wat is was. Not much later I met Reinhard at the opening of Dreamscapes in Viechtach, he approached me and convinced me to go anyway. A decision that I have not regretted.
It took me a while before I understood what an "art colony" actually meant. In Serbia there is a long tradition of art colonies. The idea is that you come together, work together, make contacts, inspire and motivate each other. It can come in many forms: from a few men who come together in a village square to a very professionally organized art colony such as "PIGMALION".

The "Pigmalion" project is organized by the Slovenian entrepreneur and art collector Gorazd Cuk, who has had built a house with guestrooms as well with a well-equipped studio. Beautifully situated in a mountainous area in southern Serbia in the midst of extensive lavender fields. The artists that are invited have been carefully selected and I feel honored to be the first Dutch artist to have received this invitation.
It was an experience to remember! Serbia was a surprise. Friendly and cordial people. Gorazd turned out to be a great host who, with the help of, among others, Vlada, made sure that we lacked nothing. Every day we were served delicious, local, fresh meals made by the cook(s).
The fellow artists with whom I spent the week are all top professionals in their field. Despite the language barrier, we were able to exchange many ideas, get to know each other well and we laughed a lot.

f.l.t.r. Peter van Oostzanen, Gorazd Cuk, Dunja Jung, Nikolai Lagoida, Dragan di Vogo

Visit by artist friend Slavko Krunic

The time was too short to complete my painting during the stay. So I started on beforehand and finished it in my own studio.

The underpainting

The color layers