“I don't grow up. In me is the small child of my early day.s”

- M.C. Escher

"Drawing is the most direct way of work for me," says Peter van Oostzanen. “Long before I could write, I drew and it never stopped. As a child I went outside to draw. Draw what I saw. And if that wasn’t possible, I did it inside and used my imagination. What many children do. And in the essence, I still do the same. My technique nowadays is much better  and I have more life experience.
There are a few ways of drawing for me. When I draw for a painting, I have an idea or image in my head . I collect information and carefully process the idea that I have in mind into a detailed idea. The drawing itself is not important.
If it is going to be a detailed drawing, where the end result is intended to be a drawing, I  work differently. I just start without a prior idea. I do not use examples or models. I draw everything from my imagination. Just like a child does. "
Outside of that Peter also makes sketches and drawings ‘plein air’. Sometimes those are completed works, sometimes some scraps. The work is generally not intended as an end product.

Conté drawings on panel.
"I have been thinking for a while about how I can translate the small drawings that I make into a large format, without losing the look and feel of the small drawings."
After some experimentation, Peter van Oostzanen came up with a process. By using a prepared panel and replacing the pencil with Conté crayon. In this way we succeeded in making a drawing that meets that idea.
The drawing is finished with a clear varnish, so it can be framed just like a painting and there is no need for glass.