60 x 80 cm (23.6 x 31.5 inches) | oil on panel | 2020

This painting was made up of symbols and places that have been important in the life of the client.

De onthulling van het schilderij

The unveiling of the painting.

Het olieverfschilderij zit vol details.

The painting is full of details.

Bekijken van details van het schilderij.

De ontwerp fase van het schilderij.

A lot of work goes into it before even a brush stroke is made. The creative phase. Ideas, sketches.

Schetsen en ideeën voor het schilderij.

The sketches of ideas for the painting.

Optekenen van het ontwerk op het paneel.

When the idea has been worked out, it is time to transfer it to the carrier.

When the drawing isready, it is time for the underpainting.

Price: commission

This item unfortunately is not available for purchase.