"Art has never been a copy of nature, because such a copy would not have been strong enough to arouse human emotion. The living beauty of nature cannot be depicted, it can only be portrayed."
Piet Mondriaan

The shutters series

With 'The Missing Key'(2010) I started the series 'Shutters', five paintings that were mainly completed in 2013. They are always closed wooden shutters in a wall, all interpretations of photos that I have taken myself. I focused more than usual on the atmosphere.

I enjoyed playing with the rhythm of color and surfaces in the composition. I have always been fascinated by the work of Mondrian. Especially from his later work, in which all natural forms have been reduced to elementary colors, surfaces and lines. The series are an experiment to develop from Mondrian's abstract, geometric back to the realism of natural forms.

These paintings are separate stories, but there is the same kind of psychology that I want to translate back to the image. It has a lot to do with the search for space and freedom at that time.

Peter van Oostzanen